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Video Surveillance Indianapolis | Systems | KST
From simple stand-alone video applications for small offices to complete enterprise networking solutions, KST has the expertise to build the right system for your needs.  Our security professionals will design, install, maintain and upgrade your system, selecting from our wide array of products which include: Video solutions, access control, intercom systems and emergency mass notification. Our expertise as system integraters allows us to pull together the best solution to fit your budget and security needs.

Video Surveillance and Recording Equipment

Protect your employees and your assets with business security cameras.We offer a range of solutions from standalone cameras for small offices to complete enterprise networking solutions which have the capability to capture, store and transmit high definition images to your security team.

Our Video solutions include:

  • IP / Analog Video Solutions
  • DVRs / NVRs and VMS Solutions
  • Megapixel and HD Video Video Analytics
  • Matrix Switches
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
  • Crime Watch Solutions
  • Covert Video
  • Video Displays / Video Wall 

Access Control

While simple keys still work, today’s intelligent access systems do more than just restrict and control access.  They provide an audit trail of activity.  You can when secured areas were entered and by whom.  

Our solutions range include readers, badging solutions, and remote telephone access. When combined with video security you have a complete system which includes immediate notification and review capabilities. 

Access control products include:

  • Proximity Card Readers
  • Long Range Readers
  • Biometric Readers
  • Badging Stations including photo ID kits
  • Koorsen Kredentialing (specialty badging solutions)
  • Hosted and Managed Systems
  • Electrified Locksets
  • Telephone and Remote Entry Systems
  • Turnstiles (Optical)
  • Gate Control Systems

Intercom Systems

Businesses of any size can improve communication and security when they add an intercom as part of an integrated security solution.

Intercoms can be used to manage visitor access to parking garages and building entrances to protect employees and assets. Emergency call stations and building wide intercoms insure critical communication and emergency request for assistance are delivered quickly.

We have the expertise to design and build anything from a simple door access to more sophisticated deployments incorporating access control and video integration.

Intercom systems

  • Parking Lots and Garages
  • Building Entrances
  • Remote Entry Systems
  • Emergency Call Stations
  • Internal Communications
  • Traffic Control Gates
  • IP & Networked Solutions
  • Overhead Paging

Emergency Communications & Mass Notification

When you are responsible for a large population emergency communication and mass notification systems are critical. Our cost effective systems are deployed in a wide range of applications including school campuses, hospitals, and large businesses.

Our emergency systems can include HDTV, video distribution, audio and visual PA, Emergency Communications, Web pages, Power Points, video conferencing, and even content displayed on instructors’ PC’s or large format LCD screens in the classroom

Learn more about our communication solutions.

  • Lan Telephone & Voice Over IP
  • Cellular Telephones & Smartphones via Voice and 2-Way SMS
  • Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf
  • E-Mail and Instant Messagin
  • Numeric and Alphanumeric Pagers
  • Sirens and Public Address Systems
  • Campus Two-Way Radios (Analog Only)
  • Desktop/Laptop Notification via Specialized Client
  • Emergency Band Broadcast Radio
  • IP-Based Public Address Systems
  • Digital Signage on Campus