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Industries - KST Security


 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Having trouble meeting HIPPA standards? Manage secure locations to store patient records with access control. Remotely manage one or many sites with the click of a button.  Install reception duress buttons and monitor their use with KST Alarm Monitoring.  Control large visitor management systems from off-site locations.  Lockdown high value pharmaceuticals and monitor access via card read, video surveillance, or alarm.




From universities to elementary schools today’s changing environment calls for ever evolving security. Through visitor management software and video surveillance equipment, keep tabs on your campus 24/7. Control who goes where and when with access control solutions. Emergency call stations in remote and parking locations monitored locally or through KST Alarm Monitoring.  Innovative security solutions provide parents with peace of mind.



Transportation & Logistics

Moving people and supplies to keep America mobile. Whether you’re driving a Mini or Semi, we’ll find a call stanchion solution that’s right for you. Gated entry and video surveillance covering large square footage lessens your manpower presence to protect your bottom dollar.




Bank & Finance

Security is a number one priority in financial institutions. Let us develop a secure solution for your next location. Get complete video coverage. Secure vault and lobby doors.  Manage employee access and privileges.  Provide teller duress and emergency lockdown buttons for employee reassurance.





Loss prevention is key to keeping a business in the black. Motion activated recording minimizes space requirements and onsite storage needs. Ask us about service solutions to make your monthly costs predictable and a total surveillance solution.