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Butler University Case Study - KST Security

IP Cameras Provide Perfect Solution

Most higher education campuses are exploring new security upgrades to improve physical security.  Providing a safer, more secure environment for students and faculty is a priority.  Indianapolis’ Butler University chose KST Security to implement a campus wide camera upgrade and install program.  Butler wanted to increase their outdoor camera coverage and eventually their indoor surveillance capabilities as well.

Using Arecont Vision’s panoramic megapixel cameras, KST delivered great images with 180° and 360° capability. The 180 and 360 degree cameras capture a wider field of view than other camera choices, for a cost effective solution.  The school received complete coverage with fewer cameras overall. KST is highlighted in a newly released case study performed by Arecont Vision.

Butler University Code Blue

Read the complete case study here: Arecont Vision – Butler University Case Study