SDM – ISC West Show Daily – Day 1 – Cybersecurity Measures

4 Keys For Integrators To Provide The Best Cybersecurity Measures Skip Sampson Poor cybersecurity is all too common today. Businesses large and small have been hacked, whether it’s been done to shut down systems, steal information or simply to disrupt operations. The reality is that a cybersecurity attack on a business can be costly — both from a dollar and cents perspective, as well as a public relations standpoint.It was just two years ago that an HVAC system served as the conduit for the 2014 cybersecurity hack at Target. In addition, there have been numerous documented cases of cybersecurity breaches through other devices, including security systems. The reality is that any business with a network switch, NVR, surveillance camera or access control system connected to the network is vulnerable to an inside or outside attack unless they put some measures into place. Within the security market, there is an ever-growing awareness about cybersecurity issues. Security professionals have extended their knowledge base beyond how to protect the perimeter of a building to include how to protect the digital perimeter. Because of the interrelated nature of doing business, it’s imperative that both the security systems integrator and their customer be vigilant against cybersecurity breaches since a threat to one partner could in turn affect the other. What are some steps to take to ensure you are providing the best cybersecurity measures? Practice What You Preach It’s one thing to put a client’s system through its paces by subjecting the client to risk analysis and audits, performing penetration tests and securing data through the installation of secure devices on servers. However, it’s... read more

Butler University Case Study

IP Cameras Provide Perfect Solution Most higher education campuses are exploring new security upgrades to improve physical security.  Providing a safer, more secure environment for students and faculty is a priority.  Indianapolis’ Butler University chose KST Security to implement a campus wide camera upgrade and install program.  Butler wanted to increase their outdoor camera coverage and eventually their indoor surveillance capabilities as well. Using Arecont Vision’s panoramic megapixel cameras, KST delivered great images with 180° and 360° capability. The 180 and 360 degree cameras capture a wider field of view than other camera choices, for a cost effective solution.  The school received complete coverage with fewer cameras overall. KST is highlighted in a newly released case study performed by Arecont Vision. Read the complete case study here: Arecont Vision – Butler University Case... read more

Interview with Security-Net

Established in 1993, Security-Net is recognized as one of the world’s finest security systems integrators. Our own President Skip Sampson serves as Security-Net Board of Directors Vice President. With headquarters located in Exton, PA, Security-Net, Inc. maintains approximately 50 regional offices and 1,200 dedicated professionals positioned across the United States, Canada and abroad. Boasting a sustained reputation of excellence and innovation in the security integration industry, Security-Net supports and services both private industry and the Government sector with intelligent security system solutions. After successfully implementing hundreds of integrated security systems for a wide spectrum of commercial entities, Security-Net continues to carefully select innovative advanced technology products and continually improve our services offerings to meet the emerging customer needs.  ... read more

Security Industry Consolidation

The security industry looks to be a changing market in the next few years.  Recently, big name industry leaders have procured smaller companies to expand their product offerings or national sales footprint. To name a few, Canon purchased Milestone Systems and then just recently acquired Axis Communications, Vicon purchased IQin Vision, and Anixter purchased Tri-Ed.  This consolidation rather than increased competition in the supply market has both positive and negative effects on security companies around the county. Security Dealer & Integrator magazine’s July edition highlights the major effects and provides input from security industry leaders, including our own President Skip Sampson.  To get the full scoop, read the full article... read more

Skip’s Front Cover Debut and What We Really Do

KST Security President Skip Sampson dawns the cover of SDM magazine’s March 2015 addition.  In the “2015 State of the Market: Access Control” article, he highlights the positive market trend the security industry is currently experiencing.  Toward the end of 2014, integrators across the country started seeing an increase in budgets and, in turn, approvals for large projects, providing a positive trend in spending across corporate America.  With these increased budgets comes increased responsibility.  What are we spending our money on? What do we consider a priority that is essential to business functionality? The answer? Security. Unfortunately, many people believe in a reactive approach to security. “We’ve never had an incident, so we probably won’t have any, right?” Wrong. 2009 crime data reports over 4.6 billion dollars in stolen goods and over 9 million property crimes. Now you’re thinking, “OK, I’m convinced but what is an integrator and why are they any different than my current security provider?”  In short, security integration involves bringing multiple security systems together to work as one security solution. For instance, let’s look at an access control system – readers, doors, locks. Those are standard, but you also probably have a keypad by that same door. So, not only do you have to provide a valid card but also have an access code and be able to disarm the security system within so many seconds of opening that door. Now, let’s merge the two. What if a valid card presented to the reader automatically disarms the system?  Better yet, if the door goes into alarm, the closest camera starts recording the event and sends... read more

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